Usage concepts

PowerBox solution is very versatile. The public ebike charging is offered by city infocenters, restaurants, municipalities for visitors and their citizens, and also develops developers for its houses residents.

Cities and Municipalities
We want to increase the attractiveness of our site for visitors and citizens on e-bikes
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Tourism and Hospitality
Our hotel, restaurant or info-centre wants to be more attractive for its electrified visitors
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Municipality exampleThe village of Petrov in south-east Moravia, 14 km from Hodonín, is a natural crossroads of popular tourist cycling routes in the region.

For this reason, in Petrov, they decided to purchase a ebike charging station PowerBox.ONE and install it on the building with the municipal office.

Thanks to this, electro-cyclists who visit this magical corner of Moravia have a reason to stop here and see the pride of the village: Plze - 80 wine cellars in the folk architecture conservation area.


restaurant case studySkiland Area Ostruzna is located in the interesting area of Ramzova in the protected landscape area Jeseniky hills. Ostružná is located in the meadows, near the famous cycling and hiking trails, about 14 km from Jeseník tower.

Skiland is a starting point and a popular stop for longer trips to the Rychlebské Mountains, so it is no wonder that one of the owners decided to be one of the first in the region to place the PowerBox.ONE ebike charging station.

Shop and Real estate owners
If you want to offer the charge of e-bicycles for our valued customers and tenants
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Clean Energy producers
If you like to share our energy and offer the charge of electric bicycles for your customers
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Business center case studyThe Panorama Business Center office building is in the very heart of Prague - above the famous Wenceslas Square. The building offers a central location and a prestigious address.

As part of the special equipment of the smart-building, the owner has commissioned HOCHTIEF CZ to purchase two PowerBox.ONE charging stations, which are installed in the garages for tennants who use electric bikes for  daily commute. Thus, in this case, the charging stations are intended only for building tenants, not public. 


Case study - energy supplierMajor Czech electricity distribution company ČEZ - branch od Customer Services has decided to set up in its customer centers in North Moravia ebike charging stations PowerBox.ONE and thus to accommodate their customers with free charging.

These stations are equipped with 3 universal ebike chargers (good for most of the market ebikes) and special charger for Bosch ebike models and batteries.