PowerBox.one is a product of ekolo.cz.
ekolo.cz is a pioneer in the use of pedelecs in the Czech Republic.

E-bikes were brought by ekolo.cz to the Czech market's awareness as the first in 2007. The name of our company led to a shortening of the term "e-bike" to "ekolo" in colloquial speech.

In 2011, we opened the first e-bike rental for Pražská energetika (www.prekolo.cz) and dozens of other projects throughout Europe followed. 

In 2014, we installed the first corporate fleet of electric bicycles with a Charging stand for Vodafone subsiduary. We believe that Corporate e-Bike Fleets are the solution for the fastest and cheapest urban mobility of employers of large and small companies and institutions.

In 2016, we standardized the E-bike charging stand -  e.IKS, with integrated chargers and started to export it abroad.

In 2018, based on the requirements of many of our customers, we completed with our technology partners the development of a professional electric bicycle charging station - POWERBOX.ONE.

Ekolo.cz operates the largest Czech e-bike showroom in Prague with a total of over 750 types and models.

There you can see and test the functional demo of the PowerBox charging station or arrange a personal presentation, including an example of the charging station management app.